Movement Screen and Correctives

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Movement Screen and Correctives

Strength WOD Overhead Stick Squat Test Score: 0-3

  • 0= Pain
  • 1=Multiple Faults
  • 2=1 Minor Fault
  • 3= No faults
What are “Faults”?  Feet externally rotate: This may indicate tightness in the soleus, gastrocnemius, peroneals, hamstring and piriformis and/or weakness in the gluteus medius. There may also be a restriction in ankle joint dorsiflexion, since the body will pronate the foot to gain more motion in the ankle mortise. If dorsiflexion is limited, there is a posterior chain extensibility dysfunction or ankle joint extensibility problem, or both. Knees buckle / hip internal rotation: May indicate weak/inhibited gluteus maximus/medius, tight adductor complex and iliotibial band. May be an inability to control hip movements, pointing to an underlying motor control stability problem. Low back rounds: May indicate overactive external obliques, compensating for a weak core. Arms fall forward: May indicate tight latissimus dorsi and /or pectoralis major/minor and weak lower trapezius, rhomboids, teres minor and infraspinatus. WOD (workout of the day) Tabata 20 sec On/10 sec off 8 Rounds each exercise KB Thrusters (44/26) 1 arm KB Swings KB Push Press]]>

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