20min AMRAP

eryn pullup The CrossFit learning curve is steep. First, you have to learn enough acronyms to fill a small dictionary. Second, you have to do a bunch of movements you have never heard of or even seen before. Now, the learning curve of what works best for your body is a constant battle that changes just as much as you do. I’m in for the CrossFit long haul, learning what does and doesn’t work one day at a time. Strategy for an AMRAP of the longer variety in my opinion is best if you maintain a steady pace instead of sprinting right out of the gate. I don’t mean I take it so slow to the point where you are not challenged or tired after a workout…I don’t mean that at all! I just look at a workout, know and understand your capabilities and actually create a quick mental strategy on how I want to execute the workout. Workout of the Day (WOD) 20min AMRAP 15 Pull Ups 30 Wall Balls (20/14) 60 Double Unders Double Unders Red ]]>

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