24 Hr CrossFit Access in Galveston

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24 Hr CrossFit Access in Galveston

We are proud to announce that we are opening CrossFit Tidal Wave (Galveston’s Original Facility) 24hrs!
Beginning Feb 8th!

Do the WOD when you want. Don’t let life get in the way of your health and fitness.

We are excited to be the first CrossFit gym in our area to offer 24 hour access to our members.  Gone are the days of having double memberships to different gyms just to fit your schedule.  Work out when you want.  The 24 hour access concept is new to CrossFit and will break the mold of having to be restricted to specific class days and times.

PLEASE NOTE that unlimited access in no way substitutes attending our coached classes and learning proper technique and safety. We do not recommend use of our facility in such a manner.  Fundamentals and safety are our first priority.  24/7 access is subject to safety and knowledge testing and you must be a current member.  We recommend using the extra time to supplement your training.

We have installed a security system complete with cameras. Any member with an upgraded unlimited membership can take advantage of 24-hour access. New members have to go through a certain amount of sessions with a Coach as well as sign a waiver first. Then they can receive a code specific to them. This to ensure you can do the movements by yourself safely as well as to make sure they will adhere to community standards of CrossFit Tidal Wave (for safety precautions).

Gold Membership
Available for $20 a month upgrade.
This covers the increased insurance, 24 hr lights and fans, security systems, AED + Ongoing AED maintenance, etc.

As a bonus this ALSO includes access to our 5 Accessory programs we will be rolling out at the same time. These are normally $20 a month EACH. You will have access to ALL of these and all their upgrades.

Lab Rat 1.0 to 1.5 Access (Muscle Density Program)
Lab Rat Gymnastics (Level 1 and Level 2)
Lab Rat Engine (Endurance Training)
Lab Rat Strength (Heavy Weights/Lower Reps)
BulletProof your Back
Posterior Power (Glute Program)

How does it work:
Talk to/ Message Shaun to get you set up.
Download the Vizpin access App
We give you a code.
Use the app (Bluetooth) to unlock the door in the locker room.
You are free to pursue FIDNESS!

1. Member standards posted above
2. No 1 rep maxing for your safety
3. Must go in and out the locker room door (all the other doors are alarmed)
4. Please clean up your mess (equipment and chalk).
5. DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE IN! There are cameras throughout the facility for your safety as well as for counting “People in the videos to the amount of door scans”. This will result in immediate revoking of 24hr access privileges.

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