KB Push Press and Tabata

Today’s WOD KB Push Press and Tabata  SWOD A1. 4 x5 KB Push Press A2. 30 sec Hollow Rock 30 sec rest KB Push Press and Tabata. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave KB Push Press and Tabata. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave   In class we often perform hollow rocks as a means of developing core strength. But that is not the only reason. Hollow rocks also teach you how to stabilize your mid line and brace the spine for a plethora of other full body movements. We start by learning how to do this on the floor and then transfer this position to other movements that we learn in the gym. For example, think of the back squat: When executing this particular lift it is essential that you brace and tighten the midsection, especially since there is a compounding load on your spine. Even before you take the weight out of the rack, you should be prepping your body for the load by tightening up. Once the load is on your back, you want to think of maintaining the hollow body position before, during, and after the lift is complete.  This involves muscular endurance of the midsection, which is vital for the protection of your spine. The next time you perform hollow rocks, don’t just think of it as a core exercise but rather a position of stability that translates to nearly all functional movements. WOD Tabata 4 Rounds Each A. Close Grip Push Ups B. Abmats C. Mountain Climbers D. Air Squats E. Superman F. Plank]]>

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