5/3/1 Push Press and Barbell Complex

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5/3/1 Push Press and Barbell Complex

Push Press CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston This week we are finishing up this cycle of 5/3/1 in our Strength WOD’s. This is our second cycle through these movements so you should HOPEFULLY be seeing an increase in the lifts this go around.  Don’t get discouraged if the lift is only a 5lb increase from last time. Incremental progress is the only way this works….ever. You will begin with the barbell in the “front rack” position. The bar should be resting across the anterior delts and not simply resting on your collar bones. To help you avoid wrist pain be sure that the weight is not resting on your wrists. If you cannot achieve this position, you need to improve your flexibility before attempting this exercise. Work on shoulder external rotation, 1st rib mobility, scapular and lat mobility to help alleviate pain in the wrists. Strength WOD 5/3/1 Push Press Today’s MetCon is a challenging High Rep Barbell Complex. Now I know you all here me yelling about not doing High Rep Olympic lifts in programming, but today’s does include that with a caveat. The training goal in mind is to get 6-8 Perfect Form Cleans in the 1min.  Then the same number of Front Squats and Push Presses with PERFECT form.  Do not push until form breaks down. If there is even a hint of loss of midline stability, drop the bar and reset your core. Workout of the Day (WOD) 1min Hang Cleans (95/65) 1min Front Squat 1min Push Press 1min Rest 3 Rounds CrossFit Tidal Wave 1 CrossFit Galveston Tidal Wave]]>

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