5/3/1 Push Press and Goblet Squats

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5/3/1 Push Press and Goblet Squats

CrossFit Galveston With the start of the New Year we are beginning yet another 5/3/1 cycle of Strength Movements. We started this identical cycle about 8 weeks ago, so make sure you have your previous weights recorded if you participated. Today’s Strength Movement is the Push Press. It is a CrossFit staple in overhead pressing as you truly must use your whole body to get the weight overhead dynamically. The actual arm position for the Push Press can vary depending upon the person. Some athletes will feel very comfortable with the upper arms parallel to the floor (rack position), in the same manner that they receive a clean. Most athletes, however, will need to adjust their grip so that their forearms and upper arms are beneath the bar. It should be noted that the weight of the bar will still be resting on the shoulders and chest rather than on the wrists. Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 3 x 5 Push Press (60%, 70%, 75%) A2. Kneeling Bench Mobilization 3×5 Push Press class Today’s Metabolic workout is a descending time ladder. If you go all out it is possible to burn yourself out quickly, but that is not the point of this workout. The purpose is to maintain the utmost quality for as long as possible. This trains you to learn when to pace to maintain tight form. The second form starts to falter stop-rest- and reset. 20 perfect reps beat 40 poorly done reps everytime. Remember why you are training! Workout of the Day (WOD) 4 mins of 10 Push Ups/10 Abmats 1min Rest 3 Minutes of Goblet Squats (53/35) goblet squat 1min Rest 2min of Russian Swings Kb Swing Galveston CrossFitkettlebell CrossFit Tidal Wave 1min Rest 1min Kb Push Press Reps for Score KB Push Press]]>

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