7 Tips to Master Double Unders

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7 Tips to Master Double Unders

  • 7 Tips to Master Double Unders richter doubleerin double under double unders whit CrossFit Tidal Wave marisa double under 1) Master Single Unders first. This means having a vertical position, tight elbows, hands in front and inline with the pockets and using wrists for rotation. Small Jumps and hopping in the same spot consistently. 2) Wrist speed Uniformity. When practising Double Unders it is hard to notice what is tripping you up which is what can make them so frustrating. Pretty frequently one wrist spins faster than the other. Use a split rope and mimic the movement to see if this is the case. 3) Get Zen. A tense body will not only burn you out but also make your mechanics unpredictable. 4) Yes you jump differently. Singles are 1-2 inch jumps off the floor. Doubles are 3-4 inch jumps off the floor. BALLS OF THE FEET! Try this in socks to see if you are heel striking. 5) It’s all in the rhythm. Start with 3 singles, then go for a double. If that is successful, try to continue the 3 singles afterwards. Then minimize your singles. 2-1, 2-1, then start chaining your doubles. 6) Don’t Rush it. If you jump when the rope is overhead, the rope has to go two and a half rotations. Be patient. Wait until the rope is directly in front of your feet, then do the power jump. The rope will only need to do two revolutions now. 7) Video yourself ! Watch yourself or have a coach watch you. Donkey Kicking and Piking are all common problems and can lead to some inefficient technique.
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