Half Turkish Get Up


The key to the entire exercise is to push the weight straight up toward the ceiling. If you don’t keep your eye on it, it will get away from you. You’ll push it forward or let it dip backward, and then it’s all over. The weight will control you instead of the other way around.  
2. ROLL ONTO YOUR FOREARM The biggest mistake I see people make is trying to sit straight up. Instead, fire your core and roll up onto your opposite elbow and forearm. Now you’re in a position to push the weight up as you raise your torso off the floor.3. SLIDE YOUR HAND BACKWARD You really want to punch that weight as high as you can, and the only way to do that is to slide your hand backward to the spot where your elbow had been. By doing this, you’ll also achieve full extension of your thoracic spine, improving upper-body mobility. 4. DON’T LIFT YOUR FOOT OFF THE FLOOR The goal here is stability. Keeping the foot of your bent leg glued to the floor will help you distribute the load more evenly. And by pressing your foot into the floor, you’ll fire up more muslces, including your glutes and hips, giving you more strength and power.
WOD 12 min Ascending Ladder 1 Barbell Complex (below) 1 power clean-1 front squat-1 Lunge/lunge- Split Jerk (135/85) 12 Abmats (GHD rx+) 100 ft Bear Crawl (add 1 complex and 2 situps each round) Galveston CrossFit]]>

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