Agility Ladders and Clubbell Swings

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Agility Ladders and Clubbell Swings

Galveston’s CrossFit Tidal Wave members go through a one minute circuit of five different exercises utilizing a lot of things you do not typically see in a CrossFit style wod. I know everyone is itching to get back to the “Strength WOD” focused training, but this is our strength DELOAD week. We will be focusing on oxidative work all week.

The oxidative energy system is fueled largely on fat and glucose and the three metabolic pathways that support exercise. This system is the only one that directly requires oxygen to function. The oxidative system kicks in to do most of its work after the 75 second mark.

Oxidative training is essential for endurance sports, but CrossFitters shouldn’t neglect this kind of training. If done in moderation oxidative training is also great for helping you recover from other more intense forms of exercise (active recovery).

WOD (work out of the day)

Single/Double/Lateral Double/Shuffle (agility ladders)

Lateral Shuffle at Galvestons Crossfit Tidal Wave Clubbell Swings Double (25/15)

Today's WOD Agility Ladders and Clubbell Swings at CrossFit Tidal Wave Airdyne or Rower Lateral Ball Slams (25/15)Lateral Ball Slams in Galvestons Crossfit Tidal WaveRegardless of how effectively a strength and conditioning program is designed, it will usually be very sagittal plane dominant. Integrating some rotational medicine ball training allows us to train the transverse and frontal planes.

Ab Wheels

Ab wheel with Peeps at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston]]>

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