Athlete of the Month: Jaye Dodson

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Athlete of the Month: Jaye Dodson

What brought me to CrossFit Tidal Wave? I was looking for a place on the island for a challenging workout…a place with a strong sense of support ancommunity…a place where I could work hard and get results. jaye 2 How long have I been CrossFitting? I started Crossfit in November 2013. jaye 3 What are some of my goals? I just wanted to feel energized and get back to a healthy weight. What fitness results would I like to mention? I reduced my Body Mass Index (BMI) to within the normal body weight classification. I am running in the Diva Half Marathon on 4/13/14. Anything surprising you learned about yourself? I knew I could do it….I just needed the right people to help get me there…. BIG THANKS to my coaches, Shaun & Taylor, for your knowledge and encouragement! Galveston CrossFit]]>

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