Athlete Spotlight: Jene Adler

Jene OH Squat This Month CrossFit Tidal Wave chose one of our original founding members for our Athlete Spotlight. Jene has been with us since the first week we opened. jene ground to overhead This is a member the coaching staff has chosen who brings positive energy and a good attitude to the box. While there were many people we immediately thought of, our Athlete Spotlight Member of the Month was not difficult to choose, because of the positivity she shows in every class she attends. Her humble willingness to improve upon her weaknesses shows with her hard work, dedication, and results in the gym. (Hmmm,  pull ups? Check, just got her first one last week!) jene back squat So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave/Mainland? Before Tidal Wave opened, I was constantly hearing about Crossfit and getting inundated with YouTube Crossfit videos from Kara Mullins. She was so excited when she heard that Tidal Wave was opening in Galveston. With her influence, I decided to join too and have been there ever since. What made you stay? I have never stuck with a weight-lifting routine, so I had my doubts when I came here. But after two years, I’d say that the community and team atmosphere keep me coming back. Everyone is very encouraging and I have never felt like a failure, even if I totally bombed the WOD. The people that go to Tidal Wave vary in so many levels of fitness, and I do not know of anyone that has felt uncomfortable once they got going. I have made some great friends and we tend to stay accountable to each other. Daily texts and prodding about when we will be working out helps us all get there throughout the busy week. jene 1 How long have you been CrossFitting? 2 years. What are some of your goals? Constantly want to be leaner and stronger. I don’t really have much interest in power lifting, but I am very motivated by gradual increases in my strength. Have they been met? Yes. Best lifts? I seem to be better at lifts that use my lower body. My upper body is much weaker. jene 2 Benefits you have noticed? I am more in tune with how nutrition directly effects performance and that diet is just as important, if not MORE important, than working out. If you cannot get a workout in, then tighten up the food intake that day and do not feel guilty about rest days! Always do everything in moderation so you do not get burned out. What do you do out there in the real world? I manage the environmental services and permitting for a marine civil engineering and construction company. Your favorite WOD? Cardio WODs are my favorite, for sure…as long as they do not entail push-ups or box jumps. Any changes to brag about? I think that I have definitely gotten stronger and hopefully somewhat leaner. And…I just did a messy, ugly pull-up this week! Congratulations Jene! You definitely earned it.]]>

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