Back Squat + KB Swings

Back Squat + KB Swings Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/3/1 Back Squat cam back squat Coach’s Tip: Practice squatting below parallel with various stances and bar positions. For instance, try a high-bar squat (supported on the traps) with a more narrow stance. This is very applicable to Olympic-lifting positions. Then try a wider stance with a low-bar position (across the shoulders). This is more of a hip- and back-intensive squat. You will find that differentiating positions recruits different muscle groups and requires varying types of flexibility. You’ll have to decide on whether to use the high bar or low bar position. With the high bar position, the bar will rest directly on the upper traps (bar rests above the spine of the scapula) and you’ll stay more upright during the squat. Low bar squats will have the bar placed just between the upper traps and rear delts (bar rests below the spine of the scapula), with the torso leaning forward a bit more at the bottom of the movement. The majority of people will be stronger using low bar, which is more hip dominant (with the high bar being more knee dominant). You’ll need to experiment to find which style suits you best. Most lifters can find a version of both high bar and low bar that works for them, and it’s a good idea to rotate between the two periodically since they tend to feed off of each other and promote greater gains. Workout of the Day (WOD) 20-15-10 KB Swings (70/44) Knee to Elbows Goblet Squats goblet squat]]>

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