Barbell Club Registration is Open!

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Barbell Club Registration is Open!

We have finally got things moving on our Barbell Club! Barbell Club Membership will include: Access to Barbell Club specific equipment (Platforms, bars, squat racks, plates, etc). Access to Coaching 3 -4x a week depending on the schedules of the coaches. (Times will be posted several days ahead of time). Access to lift anytime that the facility is open. 8-12 week blocks of programming (optional. You can also utilize your own). Restrictions: This membership only covers the lifting area. This is not an Open gym for CrossFit. (Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Rings, etc are not covered with membership). The Barbell Club is designed for those interested in focusing on or competing in Olympic lifting. Our last training season we had all of our members qualify for Nationals. Rates: Barbell Only $80/ month  Register here today ]]>

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