Bench Press and Burpee Box Jump

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Bench Press and Burpee Box Jump

Tidal Wave CrossFit Shoulder, core, and hip stability are all required to establish a stable platform from which to bench. Core stability exercises will also reduce injuries since you’re less likely to get into a bad position if your core is strong. This also prevents any “power leakages” and allows for a strong, smooth, press.

It goes back to the popular saying, “You can’t shoot a cannon ball from a canoe.” If your core is weak and you don’t have any shoulder or hip stability, you aren’t going to be able to press big weights.

All types of plank variations and rollouts can help since they improve shoulder and lumbar stability, two crucial elements in the bench press. Adding a band around the wrists for traditional plank exercise also “activates” the external rotators and the stabilizer muscles within the rotator cuff. The stronger these muscles are, the more efficient your press.

Workout of the Day (WOD) 3 Rounds 9 Burpee Box Jump (24/20) 15 Deficit Push Ups 21 Slam Balls (50/25) CrossFit Galveston Box Jump]]>

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