Bench Press and Running

bench press galveston crossfit Today’s SWOD wraps up our “5″ week for the 5/3/1 strength cycle with the Bench Press. While Bench Press doesn’t happen that often in CrossFit it is definitely not a movement to be neglected. While so many people just focus on getting the weight up, the set up can make or break a lift. Just like any other lift you need to focus on creating the most stable pushing platform possible.  The Lats play for more of a role in the bench press than most people think. Coaches Corner: Bench Press Set Up Tips

  •  ”You can’t shoot a cannon ball from a canoe.” If your core is weak and you don’t have any shoulder or hip stability, you aren’t going to be able to press big weights.  Make sure you do your mobility work and core activation exercises.
  • Many lifters simply press out the bar from the rack when they un-rack the weight. Big mistake. Pressing a weight out of the rack results in  losing shoulder and upper back tightness.
  • It’s critical that you think about pulling the bar out of the rack, almost like performing a  straight-arm pull down. This is going to fire up the lats and put the shoulders in a great position to press from.
  • By pulling the shoulders blades together you put the shoulders in a good position to press from as well as increase shoulder stability. Two good cues are to try to bend the bar in half or pull the bar apart.
Strength Workout (SWOD) 5 x 5 Bench Press 90 second rest Workout of the Day 1000m Row (26 SPM) 60 Spiderman Push Ups 30 Ring Dips 600m Run ring dip crossfit tidaldips galveston crossfitspiderman pushup]]>

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