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City and County Worker Special

Here is the rundown of what makes this unique! The Cost of the program is $40 per month for a 3 day a week class. The class is 40 mins in length starting at 5:20pm M, T, Th evening. It designed to fit the fitness needs of ANY fitness level! Now here is the interesting gamble! The city/county reimburses it’s employees $40 for fitness services as long as you utilize it 10x a month. SO…… You pay $40 to buy into the program. At the end of the 1 month session we provide you with your attendance report. If you hit a minimum 10 classes you get reimbursed your ENTIRE entry fee. original Galveston CrossFit gym The most important factor for fitness improvement is consistency! So you are consistent with your goals you can recoup your investment and as well as take your fitness to the next level! Each class will consist of an active warmup, workout explanation, movement evaluations to make sure you are doing them safely, and then a metabolic conditioning workout program designed to shed those pounds. Know anyone can join us for this class but only (as far as I know) City and County workers get the reimbursement option through their employers! How is this different from CrossFit? Regular CrossFit sessions are designed with more of a focus on technique and the personal training aspect. The QuickFit program is a “Group Exercise Class” So sign up today and join us for our February 12th start date ! Join us today and begin your fitness journey ! City and County Worker Special]]>

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