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Competition Team Programming CrossFit

Competition Team Programming CrossFit At CrossFit Tidal Wave we acknowledge that everyone walking through the door has different fitness goals. With this in mind we write our programming with these different goals in mind. There is programming for those just looking to get Fit as well as those looking to maybe get into competitions someday as well as for our seasoned competitors.  gauntlet 1 CrossFit Competitions regardless of the mantra of CrossFit being “Constantly varied” fall under a fairly predictable patterns. We take stock of each competition we enter and factor in the exercise frequency and percentages (generally) of our 1RM as a team and base the programming off that template. We also test our various fitness capacities every 12-16 weeks and looks for deficiencies as a team (Energy systems). If we have a glaring weakness our programming is adjusted to address that weakness. Here is a one week sample of what our Competition Team Programming looks like: nrg 5

Day 1 A. Back Squat 85% 5 x 5 120sec Rest B Hip Snatch + Hang Sn + Sn 65% x 1, 2 x 70% 90 sec rest C. Sn Pull 105% 5 x 5 90sec Rest D. Hip Power Clean 5 x 3 @60% 90sec

abby  Gymnastics 1) Accumulate Max Time in 10 Sets: Ring Support 
2) 8x2 WTD Ring Dip 
3) Accumulate Max Time in 10 Sets: Ring Support Bottom
 Lactic “Christine” 3 RFT: Row 500m 12 Deadlift, bodyweight 21 Box Jumps, 20″

nrg 8   Day 2 A. Power Snatch 5 x 1 80% 120% B. Split Push Press 3 x 2 60% 60 sec Rest C. Jerk 5 x 1 90%  D. Clean Pulls 4 x 4 100% 90sec Rest  NRG Gymnastics Accumulate 20 Dragon Flags  Lactic 3 Rounds for Time: 75 Double Unders 50 Air Squats 25 Calorie Row   in house 3  Day 3 A. Bench Press 3 x 5 85% 90sec Rest B. Close Grip Bench 3 x 3 90% 120 sec Rest C1. 4 x 5 Wide Grip Pull Ups : Weighted (3 sec Negative) C2. 3 x 8 Full Contact Twist each side  Gymnastics 1)Every :30 x3:00 Strict MU
2a)5x10 Scap Push Ups
2b)5x10 Scap Row   armada 10 
Aerobic “Strict Nicole” AMRAP 20 of: 400m Run + Max reps of unbroken Strict Pull ups – every time you come off the bar run another 400m  (if you are at a low number of pull ups, 5 strict pull ups minimum per round)  Day 4 A. Drop Snatch 4 x 1 85% B. Power Clean 3 x 1 85% C. Front Squat 3 x 4 80% D. Stop Front Squat 3 x 3 75%  Gymnastics A: 10x :08 HS Hold Non Supported
B: 10x 1 HSPU Negative (slowest possible)
girlsgonerx2  Chipper 800m Run 70 Squats 60 DU or 180 Singles 50 Sit Ups  40 Wall Balls 30 Pull-Ups 20 Box Jumps 10 Toes To Bar   armada 5  Day 5 Partner WOD WOD “Partner Jack”
 AMRAP 20 of: 10 Push Press 80/115# 10 KB swings 35/53# 10 Box Jumps 20/24”
Partners complete full rounds (all movements) before switching. Partner resting is to complete 2 Snatches @ 85% 1rm
gauntlet 2.4  Sprint Work Contrast/rolling starts
Run at a moderate pace for 20m  until the start line, then hit full sprint pace for a further 20m.
Do 12 total sprints, rest 90 seconds between sprints.

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