Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Competitor WOD's

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Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave Competitor WOD's

 Galveston’s CrossFit Tidal Wave Competitor WOD’s Strength Day 1 A.  Snatch – off high blocks – to max single.  B.1  Back Squat, 5.5.5, rest 1 minute B.2  Weighted cTB, 3.3.3, rest 2 minutes   MetCon 7 RFT 4 FS @ 225# (from floor) 5 muscle ups 6 triple unders   Day 2  Strength 15 minute Emotm: odd = 4 TnG power cleans @ 225-235, even = 3-5 p-bar HSPU. MetCon 3 rounds for time: 10 db power snatch @ 100/70#, 500m row then – finish with 50/35 kipping ring dips for time   Day 3 Strength Snatch balance – 6 minutes of building for singles S2O – 20 reps for time (from rack) (80%1rm) MetCon 30 sec. amrap kb swing, 70/55# 30 sec. amrap burpees 30 sec. row sprint for meters (rest 4 minutes) x 5   Day 4 Strength A. 10 minutes to establish 1 RM power snatch B. 3 sets ME HSPU 2 min rest MetCon 100 wall balls – every break do a muscle up   Mental Prep (from Mental WOD)

Your fear is your worst enemy!

Where does the fear come from? The easy answer would be YOU. You create your fear, as well as you create joy, anger, sadness, frustration, excitement and so on. It is with fear as it is with any other emotional state; it is created based on how you perceive a situation.   So, why is the awareness of fear so important, when it comes to CrossFit, and being able to perform your best?   Fear is something most of us know of in many different disguises. The fear of doing a box jump, the fear of being the last one to finish, the fear of getting injured doing a max lift, the fear of looking stupid, the fear of being criticized …. and I could keep on going. We all have our fears based on how we perceive differemt kinds of situations.   To deal wth your fears, you have to get to know them first.   So, the reason why I’m bringing this up now, is actually because I had an experience this past week during the easter holidays, that took me back down memory lane. An experience that I would like to share with you. Its about fear!   READY?   I’ve spend part of the Easter snowboarding in France. One day when I was about to take a drag lift, I totally remembered one of my first snowboarding trips 10 years ago, when I was learning how to even control two feeds on a board, I was in the exact same situation. Standing in front of a drag lift at the end of a mountain, with no other ways to get up. In the beginning I were with great hope, that I could do this.   First try, fail. One more time, no problem. Second try, fail. Up again, you can do it. Third try, fail. Keep going. Fourth try, fail. One more time, it will be all right. Fifth try, fail. Come on you can do it, how hard can it be… (ever tried to approach something, and it just didn’t work?)Sixth try, fail. Ouch, now it hurts. Seventh try, fail. ANGRY! Yelling, sworing (and then it happened, my patience ran up- sounds familiar??). Eights try, fail. So F**** embarrassing. Everyone is looking. Are they laughing? Im such a joke (external focus). Ninth try, fail. Yelling even higher. Tenth try, fail. Smash my board into the snow (now the bad behaviour dig in!! Ever tried that?). Eleventh try, fail. Sooooo pissed. Twelfth try, fail. CRYING now (time to loose control! Have that ever happened to you too?). Thirteenth try, fail. This is too much. Im so stupid. Why can’t I even do this, I suck at everything (irrational thoughts conquer. Hate when that happens, dont you?). Fourteenth try, fail. F** it. I give up.    And so it went, that I climbed my first mountain in snowboard boots and a snowboard under my arm. It took me around 3 hours, a lot of sworing, tears and sweat. But most of all it was an experience that I will never forget, simply because of the fact that I totally lost control of myself based on my fear. Yep, the fear won. This time. So whats to learn? When the fear gets to you:
  • You are going to keep doing the same mistakes over and over again
  • You wont be able to focus on the task in front of you
  • You can’t refocus
  • You use way too much energy (on the wrong things)
  • Your muscles will fatigue quicker
  • You wont be able to coordinate your movements as well
  • Your behavior will not be beneficial for your performance
How to work on fighting the fear?
  • Use refocus techniques, such as breathing control
  • Focus on the concentration technique by using Q words
  • Use visualize as a tool to get back into a happy state of mind
  • Use selftalk as a tool to regain control of the situation, by making it positive and constructive
 So what happened this year, when I once again faced the challenge of a drag lift?    Your fear is your worst enemy! I  fell off, once again. Only this time, I managed to refocus by using technical Q words, reminding me of my balance point, and where to put my foot, as well as positive self talk, such as – “the worst thing that can happen, is that I have to climb another mountain. Been there, done that. Thats not so bad. I will manage”. I hope you have had a wonderful Easter, and remember that if you want to train your mental skills on a regular basis, you can join the Mentalwod Club, where I will guide you through a new theme every month.   Janne    ]]>

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