Complimentary Holiday Survival Program

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Complimentary Holiday Survival Program

YOUR LOGO Greetings All, With a multitude of special events and opportunities to indulge, the holiday season can be an extremely trying time on your diet unless you’re prepared to tackle those festive social events and cookie filled nights. With this in mind CrossFit Tidal Wave/Mainland CrossFit would like to offer a “Gift” to the community. This guide will serve as a template to not only fight off the holiday pounds but to set yourself up for long term fitness success ! At absolutely no cost to you ( aside from effort) CrossFit Tidal Wave is pooling it’s resources to get the Galveston Community ready to beat the Holiday Bulge ! This community program can be done completely at your home with no equipment necessary. All that we ask from you is to follow the steps below to be included in the program.

So that this is little confusion here are the steps to join this Community Program: 1. Download the guide from our Home Page (Holiday Survival Guide) and read it. 2. Join the Facebook Group listed in the PDF. 3. Follow the workouts released 3x a week via our website. 4. Read up on our website as well as the Facebook group on the best way to control your food intake. 5. Enjoy your Holidays ! Holiday Survival Program CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston TX Sincerely, Coach Shaun McCrary and the Tidal Wave/Mainland staff [email protected] for any questions


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