Cook Lifts and Seated Press

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Cook Lifts and Seated Press

seated press Crossfit tidal wave Today we are working on the horizontal pull plane of motion in our Hypertrophy program as well as a corrective glute bridge known as a Cook Lift. This exercise was invented by PT and Strength Coach Gray Cook, hence the name cook hip lift.  Although it is definitely a more difficult exercise, I do believe it should be placed before any other bridging exercises such as the conventional double leg hip bridge, hip lift, SL hip lift, etc. When doing the cook hip lift, start with knees bent and feet on the floor, and then pull one knee to chest.  If you have a tennis ball place it between the thigh and just under the rib cage so you can determine if you’re holding the hip into enough flexion.  Now, using the single leg that is in contact with the ground, complete the normal hip lift motion by squeezing the gluteus maximums (butt muscle) tight and lifting the hips as high as you can.  You will notice immediately that the amount of motion you are able to use is significantly less than the normal bridging exercises.  By pulling one knee to chest we are placing the pelvis into a posterior tilt and therefore keeping the lumbar spine straight. SWOD (Strength Workout) A1. 4 x 8 DB Row (AHAP) A2. 3 x 6 Cook Lift row geraldine Workout of the Day (WOD) 16-12-8-4 Seated 1 arm DB Press (45/25) 1 Arm DB Situp Ups (25/15) Double Unders then 1000m Row Rowing at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston Texas]]>

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