CrossFit and the Bench Press

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CrossFit and the Bench Press

CrossFit and the Bench Press Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/5/3/1 Bench Press (65%, 75%, 85%, 95-105%) bench press speed Coach’s Corner: The Bench Press can be a dangerous lift but when done precisely it is an excellent exercise to strengthen the arms, shoulders and pecs. It’s only when form is thrown out the window and when it’s severely overworked that problems arise. It needs to be understood that the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints are rather delicate, and whenever they are repeatedly abused with improper technique, often with heavy weights, those areas will become traumatized. One reason so many athletes utilize poor technique on the bench is that the lift is thought to be so easy to perform. You lie down on a bench, take the bar from the uprights, lower it to your chest, then press it to lockout. Nothing complicated about that. So coaches let the players figure out what to do on the bench by themselves, while they spend their times teaching the power clean and back squat, because those lifts are much more complicated. But proper technique on the bench press is equally important as it is for the other exercises in the program. In truth, every exercise should be done perfectly, even those seemingly tame ones like curls and straight-arm pullovers. If any movement is done incorrectly, eventually trouble will arise. Workout of the Day (WOD) 10-1 CrossFit Galveston Single Arm KB Swings (44/26) Pull Ups Spiderman Push Ups spiderman pushup]]>

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