CrossFit Beach Workout in Galveston

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CrossFit Beach Workout in Galveston

Galveston CrossFit Beach Wod 2 BEach WOD 3 This is CrossFit Tidal Wave’s first Beach WOD of 2014. While we typically try to do one of these a month the frigid winter had made it less than desirable. This last weekend we split everyone up in groups of 3-4 and were put through 90 sec stations with 30 sec rest. There were 5 stations and we completed the circuit 2 times. 1. Plate Thrusters 2. Overhead Ball Tosses and Sprint beach wod 6 3. 4 Corner Bear Crawl beach wod 4 4. Sprint and Back Pedal beach wod 5 5. Plank and Hop Over all we had a great turnout and everyone had fun. We look forward to many more monthly Beach Workouts.]]>

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