CrossFit Competition Galveston

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CrossFit Competition Galveston

in house 3 In house 5

Event 1:

Each part of the team is responsible for completing a set of each exercise

15/15 Push Ups (worming allowed) Partner Hold top of push up while partner does pushups. If knees hit the ground the reps don’t count

Standards: CHEST must touch the ground. Must show a plank position and arm lockout at the top. 20/20 Med Ball Pass Abmat Sit Ups Partner Must pass Med Ball (20 Men/14 Coed/ 12 Women) back and forth between the two. Ball must tossed with shoulders off the ground and top of sit up. So…yes 40 total sit ups. Standards: Ball must touch the ground behind you. Must be a pass through the air (not a hand off). 30/30 Air Squats Partner Must Hold bottom of the squat position while holding the med ball while partner performs the reps. Hip crease must be below paralell. 6 min AMRAP. Score is rounds plus reps. If you complete the air squats start back over at the push ups. Each partner must complete all the prescribed reps before moving on. Example: Athlete must complete all 15 push ups before other partner can begin their reps. Not ” I will do 5, you do 5, etc.” Event # 2 in house 2 Partner A. Max Rep Push Presses (75/45/35) Partner B. 1 Arm Farmer’s Carry (across gym/switch arms and come back) (44/26/18) *Tag out and Switch
Partner A. Bar Facing Burpees Partner B. Goblet Carries (across gym and back) *Tag out and Switch then each partner must bear crawl the length of the gym. Only one partner can crawl at a time. Must complete trip before your partner can begin their bear crawl. Start over after completion Score is Total Push Presses + Total Burpees + each completed bear crawl is 30 points. No partials. in house 4 Standards: Push Press must show complete lock out with head through window. Single knee dip, no jerk technique allowed (double knee dip) All carries must be a walk not a run (one foot must be on the ground at a time) Must complete one length of gym per arm (we will have cones to mark it) without switching. No switching mid trip. Bar facing burpees: Chest must hit the ground. Must jump over the bar facing it with both feet at the same time. No split leg hop or step over unless you have a medical issue noted by your judge. Partner’s must tag at the station to switch. KB must be returned to the station for hand off. 7min Amrap

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