Top 8 Reoccuring CrossFit FAQ

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Top 8 Reoccuring CrossFit FAQ

At CrossFit Tidal Wave (Galveston, Tx) we experience about 8 reoccurring questions on most potential member’s first visit inside the door.  I decided to address some of those here hopefully to quell any concerns someone might have before walking through the door. I’m not sure if I want to do CrossFit. Can I just drop in to try out a class? Absolutely. Realize though that your first session will be an assessment workout that allows the trainers to A. Check your work capacity B. Check your movement patterns C. Give you a good foundation on how most classes will be run.  It will be about 40 minutes total (including warmup). Everyone gets a free intro session to find out if CrossFit Tidal Wave is something you would enjoy. I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Will CrossFit be too challenging for me? Absolutely not!  Everyone has to start somewhere and that somewhere tends to be from nothing.  CrossFit is completely scalable to anyone’s ability and fitness levels. Will lifting weights get me bulky? Absolutely Not!  Lifting weights will only lean you out and help you move and feel better.  Bulk is as much built through diet as training. Do you have showers? Yes. We do have two private shower rooms available for members. What is the WOD? It is the “Workout of the Day”. This workout could be a “named” workout, developed and described on the national site, or it could be a workout we have developed here. It is all part of the “constant variation” philosophy of CrossFit. For more terms click here. Can I do CrossFit with a neck, back or knee injury? Yes, we have had numerous clients who came to us with back, knee, or neck pain who have found relief by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. People often neglect exercising their lower back due to fear of re-injuring and then end up weak, de-conditioned, and more susceptible to injury in the future. Every movement in CrossFit is scalable allowing anyone to take part. Can I get a good workout in under 30 minutes? Yes , more and more research shows that short, high intensity effort will produce better results than long and slow duration. If you run a 10k your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run 400 meter sprints which will produce a high power output. Meaning you’re doing more work in less time. Do I need to get fit before starting CrossFit? NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!! CrossFit is designed for athletes of ALL levels — from professional athletes, to desk jockeys, to homemakers, to retirees. We scale load and intensity for all our clients based on their individual fitness level and ability. Going to a traditional health club first will just delay the benefits you will receive from a CrossFit regimen. The workout you see posted on the site is for the most elite athlete. If you see it and think you can’t do a lot of it, no problem, very few can. We can scale every movement and every workout until you are strong/fit enough to complete the workout as it is prescribed (Rx’d). Fitness is an ongoing pursuit. The most elite athlete can come into our gym and find a workout challenging. Nobody is “fit” enough. Whatever level you are at now, you go at the workout as hard to you can getting fitter and fitter each day. How often do I need to come in? At CrossFit Tidal Wave we promote three days working, followed by 1 day of rest, or two days/ 1 day off. You will notice that we program a workout every day for the simple reason that most people have hectic lives and cannot follow a strict three days on, one day off. When you first start out your body will take time to adjust and yes you will get sore so we recommend coming every other day.  Of course, the bottom line is pick a goal number and make it in that number of days. More CrossFit FAQs  ]]>

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