CrossFit in Galveston: Tidal Wave April Competition

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CrossFit in Galveston: Tidal Wave April Competition

battle buddy 1 This last weekend CrossFit Tidal Wave officially kicked off the competition season by competing at the Battle Buddy 57 held at District H CrossFit in Houston, Tx.  It was many people’s first competition and everyone had a great time. This year the competition was beefed up and there was a much larger turnout than in the past. “It is an absolute privilege and honor for District H CrossFit to be able to host this event and work with Chad Stevens to raise money and awareness for Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal ICU.” “Battle Buddy 57” is a Crossfit event that raises awareness and funds for the Newborn Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. The event honors Olivia Stevens, daughter of Houston area crossfitter Chad Stevens. She was born with a rare chromosomal deletion that led to her spending 57 days in the Texas Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. During her stay, Olivia Stevens was cared for by countless nurses, doctors and hospital staff, all of whom contributed to her eventual discharge. She is now a happy and healthy 4 year old. The event consists of a CrossFit WOD, in which teams of two complete “Olivia,” which consists of 57 repetitions of 8 movements. The WOD – “Olivia” 57 Reps, completed by teams of 2.  Each team completes 57 reps of each movement total, not per person. Only one Buddy can perform work at a time. 1. Box Jumps, 20” 2. Shoulder to Overhead, M 95, Coed 75, W 55battle buddy 10battle buddy 7 3. Sit ups w/ Dynamax toss, M 20, Coed 16, W 12 4. Lunges w/ dumbbell, M 35, Coed 25, W 20 5. Push-ups, Chest to ground, knees off ground, worming will be allowedbattle buddy 3battle buddy 4 6. KB Swings, M 35, Coed 35, W 30battle buddy 2battle buddy 6 7. Squat w/ dumbbell M 35, Coed 25, W 20 8. BURPEES!!!! battle buddy 8 battle buddy 11]]>

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