CrossFit Tidal Wave…What makes us different?

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CrossFit Tidal Wave…What makes us different?

CrossFit Tidal Wave difference Starting from age 5 and through college I played 5 sports, and STILL CrossFit TidalWave Galveston IS THE BEST ALL AROUND WORKOUT I HAVE EVER DONE!- Erin Gurski CrossFit Tidal Wave...What Makes Us Different? - Galveston, TX Quite simply, our mission at CrossFit Tidal Wave is this: Deliver a higher quality of life to our clients by continually striving to offer the most experienced and researched training to meet or exceed the needs of our club. With 12+yrs of professional strength and fitness coaching education and experience we will continue to be at the forefront of the SAFEST and most EFFECTIVE training techniques available. In support of this purpose we have identified 6 core values: 1.) Community – In modern day life a sense of community outside one’s extended family is largely absent. You will find it here. We succeed as a group. 2.) Transparency – Honesty and a straight forward approach to all that we do. If you have questions ask. We are open books. 3.) Determination – We strive to impart a sense of determination to our clients who then take that determination and apply it to all aspects of their life. This contributes to a higher quality of life for us and our members. 4.) Generosity – No one can succeed without the generosity of others. We will do everything within our power to help you meet your goals. 5.) Passion – We are passionate about our work as coaches. We love what we do and we seek to instill that passion in others. 6.) Humility – Humility is a hallmark of high character. We are humble so that everyone may feel welcome at our gym and within our community. No one cares about your time or the weight you lifted. 7.) Experience – We are not hobbyists. We were not pizza guys two weeks ago and decided to teach the most technical lifts on the planet without YEARS of coaching experience (nor should you pay for someone who was). We have over 20,000+ hrs of coaching experience working directly with clients of all ability levels. We provide premium quality training and we do not apologize for it.  If you are seeking the some of the most experienced and thorough trainers…. we are here for you.]]>

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