CrossFit Unloaded

c2cf_facebook CrossFit Unloaded is a program that can benefit anyone and everyone – regardless of their level of fitness. You can look forward to a fun, welcoming environment that reduces stress, corrects any crazy myths about CrossFit, and most of all, provides you with an avenue to pursue success! As you take this journey, you’ll quickly find that you feel motivated, strong, and confident. We’re basically going to just have a great time and get your fitness jump started in the process.

Here is the run down of what you have to look forward to:  The program will take place 3 days a week, always at the same place and time. Each session will   last about an hour, but not to worry - we won't be working out the entire time. We will start with a    group warm up followed by an instructional session to teach some basic functional movements.     After that, we will get our workout in and finish up with some stretching, joint mobility, and tips for    the upcoming week.  After each session, you are going to receive a packet of homework (don't worry, you can still pass  the class even if your dog eats it). The focus of the homework is to keep positive change on the      forefront of your mind, reinforce good habits, and give you information regarding at-home workouts,actionable tasks, and nutritional guidance.  The last piece of the puzzle is making sure that you walk through the doors with an open mind - be ready to work hard and kick off some positive change in your life! On the day of class, make sure to have a light breakfast, hydrate well, and wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  You should be excited and proud of yourself right this minute - you've already taken the first step in a great direction. If you have any friends that would enjoy CrossFit Unloaded, feel free to let them know! We'll also send out a few more emails periodically between now and the start of class.  If you have questions or comments, just send us a message or email to [email protected]   and we will get it squared away. You can register for the class at this link.

Unloaded  We can't wait to see you!  Committed to your success,  CrossFit Tidal Wave

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