CrossFit vs Imitations

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CrossFit vs Imitations

I have been coaching CrossFit for a while now,  and word is getting out about how effective CrossFit can be. As a result, we always hear rumblings that a couple of local gyms are now planning to incorporate “CrossFit style” workouts. While we think everyone can benefit from CrossFit, I am leery about imitators.  True CrossFit incorporates Olympic lifts, endurance WODs, gymnastics, heavy lifts, multi-joint movements, balance, accuracy, etc. Simply doing circuits everyday is NOT CrossFit. You must train across broad times and modal domains. Furthermore, CrossFit coaches are taught how to train these  movements in a HIGH INTENSITY environment. We’ve yet to find a traditional personal trainer who knows the nuances of a thruster, the ins and outs of how to properly prepare for a WOD, and the progression of presses.  They exist but why go to a tap dancer for ballet?  If you are looking for CrossFit, do CrossFit. If a program – whether it be boot camp, P90x, or Zumba – gets people moving, we think that’s great! All we’re saying is, if it’s not certified CrossFit, it’s NOT CrossFit. Accept no imitations! Don’t be fooled; all CrossFit gyms are not created equal either! CrossFit vs Imitations Experience. CrossFit Tidal Wave/Mainland CrossFit coaching staff have been affiliated since February of 2010. Our coaching staff brings with them over a decade of experience coaching and helping people reach their goals. The certifications we hold are important, but they pale in comparison to the real world experience that can only come from devoting your life to hands-on coaching. If you are looking for world class coaching, then the CrossFit Tidal Wave is the place for you on the Island. Passion. Time and time again members visit other affiliates while traveling, and it’s always great to hear their feedback. We love hearing that there is something “special” about the atmosphere. We strive to make our gym a friendly, fun place to be. Dedication.  I get asked a lot, “So, what else do you do besides CrossFit?” The answer is simple: NOTHING. CrossFit is not just a hobby to us; I took the leap and we dedicate ourselves fully to helping you reach your goals. You can always be sure you’ll receive top-notch coaching from people who are fully committed to coaching you. Knowledge. When it comes to talking nutrition, be careful who you are speaking to.  Reading a the Paleo Solution and a couple of articles does not make an expert.  Through thousands of hours of research, we have developed our own blend of the Paleo-ish diet that will optimize not only your performance in the gym and your sexiness at the beach, but also increase overall health and longevity. Value. The longer I have been in the field the longer “You get what you pay for” stands true.  The market will continue to get to a race to zero and rush to put coaches in place to cash in on CrossFit. We stand by the value of our service.  If someone someone is charging $9.99 a month for “CrossFit” I would be suspect of the value of what I receiving.   CrossFit vs Imitations]]>

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