Dog Yoga and CrossFit in Galveston

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Dog Yoga and CrossFit in Galveston

On Saturday, October 21 CrossFit Tidal Wave went straight to the dogs! The gym played host to a unique fundraiser for the Galveston Island Humane Society called Poses for Pups, Yoga with Adoptable Dogs. The combination of a family friendly yoga class taught by Tidal Wave’s own Yoga Instructor, Lisa Bradrick, and adoptable puppies from our local shelter made giving back to the community fun and relaxing. The class comprised simple yoga postures with plenty of opportunities to interact with the adorable puppies up for adoption! In addition to the class, a silent auction was held thanks to generous donations from local island merchants. Items for attendees to bid on revolved around yoga, gym and pet themed products and gifts. Auction bidding was enthusiastic and both people and adoptable pets came out as big winners! This type of community involvement is more than a one time event for Tidal Wave owners and those who workout at the box. A focus on community connection inside and outside the gym walls is something that makes this gym remarkable. The sentiment of coming together to better yourself, support those around you and give back to the place you call home is just the way things are at CrossFit Tidal Wave. Dog Yoga and CrossFit in Galveston]]>

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