Don't Be That Guy: CrossFit Haters

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Don't Be That Guy: CrossFit Haters

CrossFit Haters Whenever you start CrossFit or bring a friend with you there will be a couple of reoccurring phrases and themes you will hear from the general public. Feel free to print this article out and highlight which one they are being. It will save you time.

Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don’t hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.- Zig Ziglar
 Crossfit is torture…why would you make yourself do that?  Because doing what I was doing wasn’t working for me. I have a choice to go to work, I have a choice to eat pizza, and I have a choice to do CrossFit.  I suffer a little now so I don’t suffer A LOT later. Don't be that Guy: CrossFit Haters by Strength Coach Shaun McCrary @Xfittidalwave  Crossfit is expensive.  Once you realize what is not, and what its value is…not so much. It is not: A boot camp A do it yourself big box gym   It is: A complete encompassing fitness system with a supportive group of experienced trainers and people that cover the aspects of personal training without the “fluff” time. You also have 24hr access to the trainers as well. If you can’t invest in yourself, who can you invest in? If you were to invest in a personal trainer it would cost on average $300-$500 a month if you go one or two times a week.   You can get just as good of a workout doing X,Y,Z. Maybe. Sure and you can do the workout at home too..but you wont because you would have been doing it already, and writing your own program, and watching youtube videos to make sure your form is spot on. I need the support of my peers to push me to the next level. I love not knowing what workout I will be doing. It such an awesome, relaxing feeling knowing I don’t have to plan my workout. Don't be that Guy: CrossFit Haters by Strength Coach Shaun McCrary @Xfittidalwave Crossfit is too intense. CrossFit is only as intense as you make it. With that being said, we stress Form_Consistency_Intensity. We have an unlimited amount of substitutions and regressions for each movement.  If you want BIG results, you must put in BIG effort. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you something. I like to lift HEAVY weights or Pssshhh…I train MMA!   This is one of the most nonsensical ones I hear. We lift weights in the realm of 5 to 1 rep maxes almost daily.  If a 1RM isn’t heavy….you are doing it wrong I think.   Just say you want to do a set of bench and BS for 5 minutes before your next set.   “I train MMA”…awesome. So have a lot of my clients, myself included. CrossFit training matches MMA in intensity but it is a different animal.  We find what your conditioning weakness is and bring it up to par.  Yeah, you never need to be Stronger/More Explosive/Better conditioned in MMA…   My Friend’s/Mother’s/Aunt’s/Cousin’s Brother got hurt/hated doing Crossfit.  People get hurt doing all type of workouts. I played softball and I got hurt. I did a spinning class and I got hurt. I went running and I got hurt. When you move your body you are at risk to getting hurt. That’s life.  That is why you have a trainer scaling workouts for YOU specifically. Your ability levels, your needs.   Women Get Manly/Guys get small and weak doing CrossFit! Don't be that Guy: CrossFit Haters by Strength Coach Shaun McCrary @Xfittidalwave Yep, manly and tiny. Don't be that Guy: CrossFit Haters by Strength Coach Shaun McCrary @Xfittidalwave   Thanks for joining me in the coaches corner.]]>

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