"E Caff" Rowing Challenge

For the Strength Workout (SWOD) today we worked on making up any of the 5 lifts you missed this week through the 5/3/1 cycle. So you had the choice of Bench Press, Back Squat, Chin Ups, Push Jerks, or Sumo Deadlifts. Strength WOD Make Up Lifts

Olympic Lifting at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston Texas

WOD (workout of the day)

Group Rowing at CrossFit Tidal Wave

“E Caff” Rowing Challenge Row for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute.
  • Row for 1 minute as many meters as you can, rest one minute.
  • Continue this cycle for a total of 20 minutes.
  • Your score is the total amount of meters rowed – goal is row at least 3000 meters
  • Penalty is 1 burpee pull up for every 5 meters under 3000 meters.

Rowing at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston Texas

Coaches Corner: Tips for the Workout Find your  pace and maintain it. For example, if you need 3,000m then you need to average 300m per round.  If you are of intermediate level I would suggest shooting for 2,800 and beginner 2,400-2,600m. Shoot for your goal number just at a minute. You probably want a few buffer meters on the first cycle or two in case you end up stuttering on a pull or two mid work (Butt slides off, etc.) For rowing efficiency make sure you are following Legs-Arms-Arms-Legs on your pulls. Big power stroke and then take your recovery stroke. Keep those elbows in tight and do no excessively lean on your pull, you will just fry your back.]]>

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