Educate to Motivate: Fitness Articles

 4 Valuable Lessons I Learned From My Uncle by Eric Cressey

Trainers: Never Assume by Sean Hyson

21 Exercises For Injury Free Mass by Bret Contreras

Jason Ferruggia on bodyweight training

How to Beat 3 Common Fitness Failures by Adam Bornstein

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 99

Five Not-So-Obvious Things Fit People Should Know by Sean Hyson

April Research Questions by Bret Contreras

Free Creatine Report from Lou Shuler and Nick Tumminello

What Is Your Achilles Heel? by Mike Robertson

Why Is Christophe Lemaitre So Fast? by Bret Contreras

Combat Strength 101 by Joel Jamieson

Kevin Neeld talks about hip impingement

Jim Wendler QA

Recovery: Athlete vs. Average Joe by Patrick Ward

Intermittent Fasting: Part 1 by Kiefer John

Intermittent Fast: Part 2 by Kiefer John

Interview with Martin Rooney

Approaching the Bar by Greg Robbins

Approaching the Bar Part 2 by Greg Robbins

Managing Training For Strength by Andrew Flatt

Interview with Joel Jamieson

A Closer Look at ART by Charles Poliquin

Lee Boyce debunks some common bodybuilding myths

Pressing Considerations For the Older Lifter Part 2 by Smitty Diesel

Pressing Considerations For the Older Lifter Part 3 by Smitty Diesel

Which Side Are You On? by Martin Rooney

Fixing the Tuck Under When Squatting Part 2 by Tony Gentilcore

9 Foods For Effective Clean Bulking by Mike Roussell

New Research on Ankle Taping by Dan Lorenz

Can Eggs Make You Stronger? by Adam Bornstein

6 Specialty Bars for Strength and Size by Jim Wendler

The Simple Diet by Tim Henriques

You Are Setting Yourself Up to Fail by Greg Robins

A Great Top Ten List by Dan John

Back Training Program from Martin Rooney

Push-Upalooza by Tony Gentilcore

Back Specialization Program from John Romaniello

5 Ways to Boost Tendon Strength and Health by Charles Poliquin

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Calves by Charles Poliquin

HIIT is best, or so they say by Michael Keck

9 Things I Have Changed My Mind About Part 1 by Molly Galbraith

9 Things I Have Changed My Mind About Part 2 by Molly Galbraith

Former Fat Boy Syndrome Hangups by Brian Barletta

Landmine Tackle Press by David Leyland

Clifton Harski shares a new core exercise

Kevin Neeld interview

Another interview with Kevin Neeld

Should Athletes Use the Big 3? by Jason Ferruggia

Zercher Squat Front Raises by Dean Somerset

Pull Your Shoulders Back by Todd Bumgardner

Jen Sinkler discusses the Jefferson deadlift

Combination Movements by Adrian Crowe

I’m Not Doing My Best by Jen Comas Keck

Is Intermittent Fasting For You? by Tyler Simmons

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This by Dave Tate

Stop Thinking and Ship Something Valuable by Anthony Mychal

Rise of the Cardio Machines by Adam Vogel

Are Diets For Kids Appropriate? by Julia Ladewski

Building Variety In Your Diet by Tyler English

Top 10 Personal Trainer Tips for Hypertrophy Programming by Dan Trink

Creating Your Aura by John Izzo

Cluster Training by Jamie Bain

The Force-Velocity Curve by Jamie Bain

Egg Casserole Recipe from Nia Shanks

Yo I Lift Every Day by Harold Gibbons

Geeky Friday by Bojan Kostevski

Granola Bar Recipes from Elsbeth Vaino

Marianne Kane shares her training log

Life Is a Special Occasion by Neghar Fonooni

Defending the Hang Clean by Anthony Donskov

Where Have All the Pickup Games Gone? by Matt Siniscalchi

Nonlinear Periodization For Size and Strength by Chris Smith

3 Things I’ve Learned by Ryan Wood

Aerobic Hill Sprints by Stevo Reed

It’s All About the Hips by Kelsey Reed

Paying Attention to Details by David Lasnier ]]>

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