Educate to Motivate: May Week 3

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Educate to Motivate: May Week 3

Crossfit Galveston Power Clean 2.0 by Wil Fleming (One of the Best breakdowns I have read) The Secret by Mike Boyle (Been saying this forever) A 3 Step Approach to Improving Stride Length by Kevin Neeld Simple Squat Correction by Bret Contreras The World’s Best Protein Sources by Chris and Kara Mohr Food Freakshow by Brian St. Pierre Shooting Down the Nighttime Carb Myth by Nate Miyaki Don’t Let That Injury Derail You by Shannan Maciejewski Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins Roman’s Road Rules for Fitness by John Romaniello Adding Corrective Exercise to Your Large Group Personal Training Program by Steve Long 8 Weeks Out TV with Joel Jamieson 7 Best Foods You’re Not Eating by Chris and Kara Mohr Interview with Nick Winkelman The Novelty Workout by Charles Staley Should Force, Power, and RFD Outputs Be Primary Considerations for Exercise Selection? by Bret Contreras Hands On Training by Dan John The Key to Your Education by Mike Boyle Should You Use Scale Weight As a Measure of Success? by Tony Gentilcore Caveat Emptor by Rob Panariello Make the Most of Your Circumstances by Ross Enamait 4 Maxims for Squatting Excellence by Dan Blewett The Magic of Cluster Sets by Todd Bumgardner 7 Movements for Mass by Jesse Irizarry Effective Group Training for Women by Kurt Hessenbruch Charles Staley shares his training log Jump With a Purpose by Jesse Irizarry]]>

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