Fencing and CrossFit in Galveston

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Fencing and CrossFit in Galveston

fencing galveston 2 Galveston CrossFIt The class was taught by Master John Trojanowski. With decades of fencing experience it was clear that these movements being exhibited were clearly second nature to him. The clear and easy to understand instruction made everyone really pick up the fundamentals all while getting a good workout. The class began with equipment selection (Jacket, Mask, Foil) and then covered the basic fundamentals of the salutation. Following that we moved onto proper stance and footwork for a solid 20 minutes. After we got a movements up to”functional” we covered basic thrusts and parries. Everyone had a blast and is truly looking forward to next week. Fencing Class is held every Tues at 12:15pm. The class is free for existing members or can be covered by a $15 drop in rate.]]>

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