Floor Press and Dumbbell Snatch

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Floor Press and Dumbbell Snatch

Floor Press and Dumbbell Snatch floor press galveston crossfit Today we are finishing up the 5/3/1 cycle with the Floor Press. This movement is different from bench pressing for a number of reasons. The range of motion is limited to 90 degrees (approx. half way). One of the benefits in limiting yourself to this range of motion used in the Floor Press is that you’ll now be able to use heavier loads than you would in the regular Bench Press. If you’re like most people I’ve seen in the gym, you will notice that the amount of weight being used and range of motion have an inverse relationship. What I mean is, as the weight increases in each subsequent set, people tend to decrease range of motion. Pressing until your triceps touch the floor keeps the range of motion consistent and your volume (weight x reps) quantifiable. Doing so will allow you to make the proper adjustments and modifications to your future workouts to ensure you’re making steady progress. Descending to 90 degrees and pausing the weight before the ascend will strengthen the mid portion of your bench press where many lifters display weakness. The point where you exhibit weakness in a lift is commonly referred to as your “sticking point”. Some individuals are weak off the chest, some mid range, and some at lockout. Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/3/1 Floor Press pr t Today’s MetCon is a CrossFit Football staple. It is about force output for a brief period while resting 1/2 the work time.  This is know as a 2:1 work to rest ratio.  This is a great method of training those short duration energy systems. Workout of the Day (WOD) 40 sec On/ 20sec Off (45/25) Galveston CrossFit Tidal Wave Dumbbell Thruster Strict Pull Up Dumbbell Snatch Mountain Climbers 3 Rounds Reps for Score]]>

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