Floor Press + Front Rack Lunges

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Floor Press + Front Rack Lunges

Galveston CrossFit Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 5 Floor Press (50, 60, 65, 75%) A2. 4 x 6 Weighted Pull Ups floor press galveston crossfit

Benefits of Floor Pressing

While some may argue that the floor press is just a shortened version of the bench press, I would have to respectfully disagree. Anyone who has floor pressed realizes it comes with its own unique set of benefits and limitations. It Develops Raw Upper Body Strength When you floor press (versus bench press), you really target and isolate the upper body. Leg drive is minimized with a floor press, forcing you to overload the big pressing muscles of the upper body such as the pecs, shoulders and triceps. Builds Big Guns I don’t know many bros who don’t want bigger triceps. However, as soon as they start performing isolation exercises like skullcrushers, their elbows feel like they’re going to explode. Floor presses really allow you to overload the triceps, without putting undue stress on the elbow joints. This is a true win-win. Decreases Stress on the Lower Back Many people complain that the bench press irritates their lower back. And when you watch them set-up for a bench press, this makes perfect sense! When you set-up on a bench press you increase the natural curve or arch in your lower back. If you have poor mobility in your upper back (thoracic spine) or in your hips (poor hip extension), this cranks up the pressure on your lower back further. Try this: Sit up nice and tall for me, and then arch your lower back as hard as you can. Even if you don’t typically have lower back pain, chances are this doesn’t feel good! Floor presses (either with the legs straight, or knees bent) reduces extension through your lower back and can keep you pressing even if your lower back is cranky. Creates a Big Bench Press Lockout Often, lifters miss bench presses either at the midpoint of the lift (elbows at 90 degrees), or even further up towards lockout. If you lift with supportive gear such as a bench press shirt, this will only magnify the need for lockout strength. Floor presses may be one of the single-best ways to develop the lockout for your bench press, along with other big-bang exercises like board and pin presses.

Decreases Range of Motion and Shoulder Pain

Perhaps the most important reason you should floor press is because it takes stress and strain off the shoulder joints. I don’t know any powerlifter who’s lifted heavy for years who hasn’t had an ache, pain or tweak around the shoulders. Even if you’ve mastered bench pressing technique, you can still get beat-up if you’re constantly going heavy. The floor press naturally reduces extension at the shoulder joint, and I’ll show you a few variations later on that will reduce shoulder pain even further. Workout of the Day (WOD) 8 Rounds 3 Front Rack Lunges R & L (135/95) 10 Dynamic Push Ups 10 Russian Twists (35/25) chris rev lunges]]>

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