Floor Press and Ring Push Ups

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Floor Press and Ring Push Ups

Crossfit in Galveston Calli Floor Press Today our strength WOD continues in the 5/3/1 cycle with the Floor Press. This is one of the classic max effort movements that’s stood the test of time. The floor press is performed by setting the hooks or supports up in a power rack so you can bench press while lying on the floor. Tips:  Get under the bar with your shoulder blades together and shrugged into your traps. Tuck the elbows and unrack the weight. Lower the weight until your triceps hit the floor. Pause for a split second, then press the weight back up in a straight line. This movement can be done several ways. The first is with straight weight. Just warm up using three to five reps in an ascending pattern until you reach your one rep max. The floor press started before the bench press! The bench press was invented during the mid 19th century, but before the bench press was even invented lifters would lie on the floor and floor press. As the bench press started becoming popular lifters started to forget about the floor press and started bench pressing instead. CrossFit Galveston Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 5 Floor Press (60,65,70,75 %) A2. 3 x 45sec Plate Pinch Today’s MetCon will utilize the same movement plane as the SWOD but we are adding a unique deck squat variation with the Plate Get Up. Workout of the Day (WOD) 12min AMRAP 9 Plate Get Ups (45/25) 12 Ring Push Ups 15 Plate Punches plate punch crossfit tidal wave Galveston CrossFit]]>

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