Floor Press and Rowing Intervals

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Floor Press and Rowing Intervals

Strength WOD 5 x 3 Floor Press 1/2/1 tempo Staying tight and pausing for that full second on the ground will help you develop a tremendous amount of starting strength, as well as stability throughout the entire upper body.

Crossfit in Galveston Calli Floor Press

CrossFit Tip: If you really want to overload your upper body, extend your hips and knees so that your legs are totally straight. This will require you to get all of the stability from your torso.Crossfit in Galveston WOD Rowing Pull WOD (Work out of the day)

1min On/1min Off 10mins Rowing Intervals for Max Distance SPM at 28-34

Crossfit in Galveston WOD Rowing

While a rowing may look fluid, it is made up of four elements: the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery.
  • The catch is the point at which the legs are compressed.
  • The drive the is the full body extension.
  • The finish involves maintaining that pressure while drawing in the arms in.
  • Compressing the body and preparing to take another stroke is called the recovery.Crossfit in Galveston work out of the day rowing
You want to give it your all on the drive and finish and utilize the recovery…well, to recover.]]>

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