Do you offer Free Trials/ Discounts?

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Do you offer Free Trials/ Discounts?

This is a 1 on 1 consultation to talk about your goals, health/injury history, concerns etc. This is the ONLY way to really assess what will be best for you. After that, then we can plan what path will best to help a client reach their goal in a safe and efficient and enjoyable manner. Not only do we want new or potential members to have a great experience but we want our current members to have the best possible experience. We often say “We want this to be the BEST hour of your day!”. When an inexperienced person in put in a class, without us being prepared for it, not only does their experience suffer, but our valued current members don’t receive the attention they deserve. Whether you’ve been with us for years or if it’s the very first day on your new fitness journey, we strive to provide you with the SAFEST, most EFFECTIVE, and most FUN workout program anywhere. Free trials don’t help us reach any of those goals. “Do you offer a student/teacher/first responder/military/doctor discount?” This is literally a question I get asked a dozen times a week. Sometimes the only question of the conversation. We consider our rates a discount. The average CrossFit gym charges $125 for 1-2 training sessions a week to $200+ for unlimited training. We also take a strong stance on having the best coaching and member experience….not the cheapest. May 1st of this year we eliminated ALL discounts. police, fire, couples, students. It’s fair across the board, and no one is in a place where they feel lesser or disrespected. This also allowed us to increase the training of our coaching staff and hire a lifting Coach. All of these have greatly impacted the quality of our community as well as the results of our members. Book your 30min No Sweat Intro Session today !]]>

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