Front Squat and Barbell Complex

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Front Squat and Barbell Complex

Allison Brauger CrossFit Games Competitor Allison Brauger at CrossFit Tidal Wave in galveston[/caption] This week CrossFit Tidal Wave is finishing up the 5/3/1 cycle with the Front Squat. Don’t forget the little things that can break form (drooping elbows, rounded back, etc). Chest into the bar!  Preempt the fact that you are going to lean forward when it gets heavy, and drive your chest up into the bar from the bottom before you start to lean forward. This will assist you in maintaining an upright torso and keep the work where it should be through the legs and hips. Strength Workout (SWOD) 5/3/1 Front Squat Workout of the Day 1min Hang Clean (135/95) 1min Front Squat 1min Push Press 1min Rest 3 Rounds (Lowest Round for Score) front squat crossfit tidal wave]]>

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