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Galveston CrossFit Competition

gauntlet 2 This past weekend the Tidal Wave and Mainland athletes got together to compete in the Gulf Coast Gauntlet. It was great to see so many members, friends and family come out to support our 16 athletes competing.  For many of us this was our second year at the Gauntlet, but we also had first time competitors as well. gauntlet 2.4 I have been with CrossFit Tidal Wave from the moment they open their doors. I have seen the countless hours and heart that my fellow competitors have dedicated to training and building our community. I have transformed from a newbie to a competitor to now a coach and words cannot describe how proud and privileged I feel to be apart of these two boxes. [caption id="attachment_6066" align="aligncenter" width="370"]marisa finish gauntlet 3rd overall. “A personal positive for me was that getting to the podium was one of my goals from the beginning of the year and I worked so hard to finally get that spot,” said Martinez.[/caption] I think anyone who does CrossFit will agree that we are constantly pushing ourselves physically and mentally. Competitions are a great way to see how you measure up against others locally, regionally and even nationally. I have trained with Marisa from the beginning and seeing her reach her goal is very inspirational. The expression on her face as she jumped to the finish line was priceless. She fought hard all day through the extreme heat. Even after feeling defeated after the first WOD, she stayed strong and kept her head in the game. [caption id="attachment_6069" align="aligncenter" width="526"]“I loved seeing the Tidal Wave and Mainland community support. It was a huge challenge in the heat. I pushed my body beyond what I thought my limits were and I got top 10 which was my goal,” says athlete Amanda White. “I loved seeing the Tidal Wave and Mainland community support. It was a huge challenge in the heat. I pushed my body beyond what I thought my limits were and I got top 10 which was my goal,” says athlete Amanda White.[/caption] For me, this competition was challenging in ways I had not met before. Every competition is hard. I am always pushing my limits physically and mentally, but this was different. I knew going into this that we would be up against some really good teams. I knew that being a smaller athlete and not being at the level to lift heavier weights would put my team at a disadvantage. I knew there would be challenges, and I knew that we would not be on the podium, but I wanted to try. I wanted to push myself further and put myself into that “uncomfortable zone”. Well, I got what I asked for. gauntlet 3 The first two WODs went pretty well. My team members were amazing. Dustin Babin PR’d his handstand walk at 50 feet unbroken. It was so awesome to see his excitement. The 3rd WOD is what shook me up. I had never done anything like itbefore. I think I psyched myself out before it even began. As soon as we started, Iwas ready to quit. Every rep was a struggle. I wanted to just stop and walk away. ButI couldn’t. I was part of a team and I had to push through. It was the hardest workout I had ever done. I was mentally exhausted and felt I couldn’t go on. I felt like I was letting my team down, but thankfully our coach, Shaun, was there to guide me through each rep. And thankfully my team was there to keep pushing me on too. gauntlet 6 I know I speak for all the Tidal Wave and Mainland athletes when I say thank you to our coaches, Shaun McCrary, Taylor Wilson and Dustin Babin. We have built an amazing community and it continues to grow everyday. Thanks to all the members that make the commitment to show up every week and motivate each other to be better people. Keep up the good work! – Kara Mullins gauntlet 2.2 Props to everybody who went out and threw down at the Gulf Coast Gauntlet last Saturday. Couldn’t be more impressed and proud of the heart and effort that all of the competitors, volunteers, and cheering section put into making that day happen!!! gauntlet 5 Of course, ladies first, way to go girls! Marisa Martinez for taking 3rd in an epic final, Amanda White for coming in 6th, Candice Osborne in 9th, Emily Blomberg in 11th, Destiny Rios in 12th, Abby Nicole in 15th, and Bridget McCormick in 22nd, out of 46 girls in what in my opinion was the toughest, strongest scaled division of girls I’ve ever seen! Way to go to all the ladies that went out there and showed that girls can go hard to, and constantly raising the standard! And good job to our tidal wave/mainland girls for taking over the top half of the leader board ! gauntlet 2.1 Now for the MEN! WOW guys! Nice work! Some true warriors out there, the hard work has definitely paid off! Elliott Crist took his medal home with a 3rd place finish, John Matthew Gonzalez in 11th, Chris Frabotta in 15th, John David Narramore in 20th, David Uzquiano in 36th and Joseph Limones in 40th of 47 raw athletes! gauntlet 4 I couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of Team G-Town Tidal Wave with Christin AndrewsKara Mullins, and John Listowski! We placed 19th out of 22! Crossfit is kind of like a box of chocolates, you really never know what will happen, but that’s part of the fun and development. The time that we spent together practicing cadence’s, maxing out bear complex’s, and the amount of times I ate it practicing handstand walks cause I didn’t want to disappoint y’all are the memories that to me is what crossfit is all about. gauntlet 1 The hardships, and struggles that we all over came as a team that day, and way we worked together to get through some of those work outs, no matter what happened, is absolutely priceless. Thank you all who WOD, not just those that compete, for making Crossfit Tidal Wave/Mainland CrossFit Texas City what it is for Shaun McCrary, Taylor Wilson, and my self!!! I know It’s cheesy and cliche’ but we really do love you guys, and those that make up our community are what make it more than just a fitness program!!! Thank you all!!!!! Keep kicking butt, our potential is endless. -Dustin Babin.]]>

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