Galveston's New CrossFit Location

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Galveston's New CrossFit Location

NEW GYM Taylor Wilson and Shaun McCrary are the owners of CrossFit Tidal Wave  in Galveston, Tx . They are proud to announce they have moved their box into a larger facility—their first move since opening two years ago. Our new location will at 2510 Market St (across the street from Yoga Haven) “Some class times were getting a little crazy,” McCrary says. “To ensure class instruction quality as well as to make sure our classes have a comfortable amount of space we decided to move to a facility 3x larger than our previous one”. new gym 4 “Our new potential customers or prospect clients are shopping, which is cool,” Wilson says. “It means they’re informed and they’re looking for the right culture and the right leadership for them.  Our goal at our facility is to provide the best training experience possible!” new gym 5 CrossFit Tidal Wave’s new facility boasts an historic open warehouse space, high ceilings and two shower areas. The coaches say they started the process of finding a new home over fours months before settling on the new facility. Facility Specs: 4,000 sq ft 10 class times a day Dual Showers Mobility Area Designated Rower Area Pro Shop GIGANTIC Pull Up Rig Yoga, Ladies Class and other classes available. new gym 2]]>

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