Geo's Tx Tumblers meets CrossFit in Galveston

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Geo's Tx Tumblers meets CrossFit in Galveston

gymnastics crossfit tidal wave Geo’s Tx Tumblers meets CrossFit in Galveston Five Crossfit Tidal Wave female members dropped into Geo’s Texas Tumblers this week to work on gymnastics skills and have a little fun. The group boasted two competitive cheer athletes, Amanda White and Christin Russell,  who assisted with programming and instruction. The group started with handstand block drills, working to build shoulder strength and stability. A fun handstand contest was thrown in, making the evening full of laughter. Even though the night was silly and loads of fun, strides were made and skills were practiced. red handstand “It was nice it have the mats and large open space to practice in” stated Tidal Wave member Elizabeth Rogers. “Being able to fall or tuck into a front roll from a handstand on an appropriate surface made it less intimidating! Plus having experienced cheer athletes on hand to guide us was awesome.” The evening ended with a group jump on the tumble track and some impressive burpee backflips from Amanda White. Future plans include ring work and bar muscle up work. Gymnastic skills are incorporated into Crossfit workouts and help to improve mobility and flexibility. CrossFit Galveston L-Hold Amanda White Cheer and Tumbling Expert: ” I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Crossfit Tidal Wave over a year ago to see the incorporation of gymnastics movements. As an ex-competitive cheer athlete it gave me a way to still stay in touch with the sport that I loved. Last night, I had a great opportunity to take some of the amazing girls I work out with to a gymnastics and cheer gym and practice some of the crossfit movements (As well as do some tumbling and stunting that you probably won’t see in the games). Overall, it was a great break from lifting weight but still work on the skills we need to be competitive in crossfit.”]]>

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