Get Thomas a Sport Chair

Get Thomas a Sport Chair thomas-1 thomas-2 thomas-3 Our very own Thomas is an inspiration to many. He comes in with no excuses day after day giving 100% daily to improve himself and his quality of life. He has gotten to a phase in his competitive CrossFit career where he is limited by the style of his chair. Most serious adaptive athletes have a style of Sports Chair that is conducive to their chosen sport (Powerlifting and CrossFit).  Thomas has given so much to our community that we are doing what we can to make his competitive career a success by raises funds to get him in a Sport Chair customized for him and his activities ! The funds will go 100% toward the cost of Thomas’s new chair as well as getting it customized ! We already have the service lined up to get his chair customized all we need now is a little help to get the ball rolling.]]>

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