Get Uncomfortable…

poster-be-bold-discomfort   Get Uncomfortable… Everthing has to be shiny, soft and squishy. It has to padded and smell of lilacs and have an iphone jack. If conditions are slightly less desirable , they won’t train at all. Callouses? I won’t do that exercise. Raining outside? Good enough reason to skip today’s workout. Since I starting working out with rusty weights and sparse equipment, I’ve never had a problem with discomfort in the gym.  1 dumbell that went higher than 35lbs, no squat rack, No A/C, etc. Luckily those conditions have improved and I strive to make sure that my gym is equipped enough (INCLUDING A/C) to make sure we have an optimal training environment. With that being said, I learned alot from the discomfort. Discomfort is a good thing. It takes you out of your comfortable training zone and makes you improve not only athletically, but mentally. Be challenged in new ways is never a bad thing. Here comes the Yoda advice about discomfort. Everytime I allowed myself to be uncomfortable and embraced the challenge….good things have happened. Whether it is a large challenge (taking a risk with my career) or a little more minute (facing rejection) it has always lead to a valuable lesson. But I definitely was uncomfortable. There’s an old saying about critics that goes like this, “If you want to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” Embrace the challenge. There is only one we can evolve and that is by distress. We adapt and change  (Win or lose) or we repeat the same action with the same results. Take the jump.]]>

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