Handstands and Snatches

Today’s WOD (work out of the day) CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston works on the movements from it’s Gymnastics curriculum during a Strength Deload week. These movements will include handstands or the progression of a handstand and snatches. Handstands and Snatches Today's Strength WOD Handstands at @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TX  Strength WOD Every minute on the minute 1minute Handstands Practice (Focus on progressing to the next phase of handstands) 1minute Double Unders  Coaches Corner: The Handstand progression typically follows these points; Master the ability to hold dumbbell over head for time while maintaining a tight core with alignment. Master the pike on a box Master the wall hold walk up ( Nose and toes) Master the Kick Up Progress to Free Standing WOD (Workout of the day) 10 minute AMRAP 30 DB Walking Lunges (Steps: 45/25) 10 DB Snatches each side Rounds and Repetitions for Score

Today's WOD Walking Lunges @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TX

Today's WOD Snatches @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TXA unilateral theme today.  Both movements are one sided so that glaring weaknesses will come to light as well as hip mobility issues that arise during lunge pattern movements. *Look for excessive femoral rotation, the foot caving in, or internal tibial rotation during movement.


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