Hang Clean and Russian Swings

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Hang Clean and Russian Swings

power clean crossfit tidal wave CrossFit Tidal Wave works on a form of one of the Olympic Lifts…the Hang Clean. Common Hang Clean Errors: The Athlete Racks the Bar with Elbows Down This is a very common issue and can be caused by severalthings: •The athlete is pulling with arms flexed. When pulling with the elbows flexed, the athlete’s ability to punchthe elbows around the bar is decreased. •The athlete is not completing the second pull. If the athlete does not complete the second pull, the chest will likely remain over the bar and this will not allow enough time to punch the elbows through, thereby causing the bar to be received with the elbows down. • The athlete lacks lat mobility to receive the bar correctly. Any athlete who lacks the requisite mobility to receive the bar will not be physically able to rotate the elbows around to the correct receiving position. Including more lat mobility work and thoracic extension training in the warm-up period will be a good long-term fix for such a problem.

The Athlete Jumps Forward When Catching the Bar :
 Jumping forward when receiving the bar is a classic sign that of incomplete extension of the hips during the second pull. When the hips are not fully extended, the bar will begin to drift forward and the only way that the athlete can complete  the lift is to jump forward to the bar. A second likely cause may involve the elbows being positioned behind the bar following completion of the second pull. When this occurs,the bar and lifter system is no longer tight. Instead, a gap is created between the bar and the body. Most often, the athlete instinctively tries to close the gap by jumping forward to the bar. Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 5 x 3 Hang Cleans A2. 4 x 30 sec Hollow Rocks Today’s MetCon continues in our theme of pacing for different WOD’s this week. Today’s WOD is a minute on/minute off interval.  This means an athlete must learn to maintain an intensity that can be repeated with a 1:1 work to rest ratio. Since the WOD has KB Swings which can be taxing to midline stability, you MUST rest when needed to maintain a tight core. 30 Perfect reps are better than 40 lackluster reps. Workout of the Day (WOD) 1min On/1min Off 8 Rounds A. KB Swings (Russian) (53/35) B. Wall Balls (20/14)
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