Happy 4yrs CrossFit Tidal Wave

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Happy 4yrs CrossFit Tidal Wave

Cfit_TW007 I am honestly getting a little emotional today as Tidal Wave crests the four year mark.  On one side, it has been a trying and exhausting process (as it should be to open any business you have a passion for) and on the other side, it has been extremely fulfilling to witness so many people grow into astonishing athletes.  As a coach and owner, I cannot tell you the impact is had to walk into a place you have literally put your heart, soul, and life into every day just to help others become fitter, healthier people. To the people that have been with Tidal Wave since close to the beginning, you set the benchmark. Both with form and community spirit.  I send a heartfelt thank you to the ones that have been with Tidal Wave for our last 4 years and helped transform it into what it has become.  You had faith in Taylor and I (and now our coaching team) and stuck with it.  Results followed.  Thank you. CrossFit in Galveston Texas CrossFit Tidal Wave 2324 Market St. To the newer members, I thank you as well.  Your willingness to learn is inspirational.  Stick with it. The beauty of this place is that we bring together people who would never normally meet each other.  We have MD’s, school counselors, bankers, waiter’s, students and everything in between.  But within the walls of Tidal Wave, we find our commonalities and purpose to become fitter people.   11781849_479985482183864_6687621444831115329_n To be a great coach of anything, I think someone needs to be part psychologist, bartender, personable, straightforward to a point, can put detailed information into simpler terms, a high technical knowledge of the information being displayed, and a friend.  I hope this is what we have provided. deadlift crossfit At this point, I know so much about all of you as I see you almost everyday of my life.  Thank you for your loyalty.  My goal has always been to create the a fun CrossFit community, develop better athletes, and keep you all healthy.  Once again…I hope this is what you have found.  People walk in our doors and tell me I am lucky because I have figured out how to make a living with my passion.  You have made that possible.  Those of you that have been around since the beginning know that this has been a hard process for me and a tough year.  I really do thank you for the continued support.  I assure you…as hard as it has been it was even more satisfying to see the Tidal Wave’s community grow and continue to grow into our 4th year.  One more big Thank You for making our community so damn special ! [caption id="attachment_7550" align="aligncenter" width="960"]8am going Strong 8am going Strong[/caption] -Shaun]]>

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