High Volume Strict Pull Ups

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High Volume Strict Pull Ups

Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston Texas Chipper WOD Pull ups on The Strand This is week 3 in our High Volume/Moderate Weight Hypertrophy Cycle. This week still has the knee extension focus. Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 5 x 10 Strict Pull Ups A2. 4 x 25 Red Band Pull Aparts A3. 4 x 30 sec Plate Pinch Hold CrossFit Galveston Two of my ‘hey look at me I’m awesome’ warm-up / recovery exercises that I always include are face pulls and band pull-aparts.  They both improve shoulder function,  improve posture, and also strengthen the upper back musculature (posterior delts), specifically the scapular muscles (rhomboids, low traps), with the face pulls pulling in the external rotators (infraspinatus, teres minor) of the shoulder.   I also recommend for someone who is really weak in the upper back, to include a scapular retraction (pull their shoulder blades back as if they are grabbing a tennis ball) before every repetition for both exercises.  This builds up their endurance and allows them to always begin each rep with good posture. As a special note, just hitting face pulls and band pull aparts isn’t enough.  Don’t forget to foam roll your upper back and work on your shoulder mobility.  Yes, strengthening typically weak muscles is important, but don’t forget to ensure you can actually move unrestricted.  Recovery from hard training can mean you will lose your mobility and flexibility if you do NOT consistently integrate better movement strategies. Workout of the Day (WOD) 2 mins Barbell High Pulls (135/85) 2 mins Barbell Rev Lunges / Front Rack 2 mins Mountain Climbers 30 Slam Balls Repeat A,B.C chris rev lunges]]>

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