Hurricane Update

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Hurricane Update

Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by this catastrophic weather system. In the next few days we will be developing a plan to deal with the repercussions from this storm. As of right now this is where we stand: As of right now classes are cancelled on Monday unless otherwise noted. While our damage appears minimal we will not know for sure until the storm lets up a bit.  It will take us at least half a day to survey, clean and make the gym functional for classes. I would like to think services will begin again on Tuesday but with the nature of this storm no one knows for sure. Miss-Fit Program: Monday is cancelled. Possibly Tuesday but no one knows for sure yet. We will extend the course length to make any days we lost. Foundations Course: We will bump the Foundation’s Course start date out to 5th-8th (because of Labor Day). Beach Workout will be rescheduled as well for the very near future. We will post updates on both our facebook page as well as here to keep everyone in the loop. Stay safe. Shaun]]>

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